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Rice Gluten Meal: Rice Gluten Meal is an excellent source of Plant Based Protein. Our product is used as a source of Protein for Both Human Food & Animal Feed. Our Product ensures high Quality Protein Digestibility > 80% & also ensures Controlled Levels of Bacterial Load & Aflatoxins. Our Product can be safely used at a level of 10 % in Animal Feed & Replace Soya DOC of the same amount. Due to High levels of Methionine Upto 1.6% in our product, methionine on top adding can also be reduced. Over all it’s a win-win package of Good Quality Protein source at an economical price

Test Limits


12 % Max


45 %

Fat (Oil)

< 6 %


< 6 % Max

Energy (ME K cal/Kg)

2800 to 3200