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TriCalcium Phosphate: Tri Calcium Phosphate is widely used as a Tablet & Capsule Diluents. It is used widely in mineral & vitamin preparation as a diluents & source of calcium & can also be used a Disintegrate in some Applications.
It is also used as an Anticaking Agent in Food Applications.
Technical Specifications
Animal Health
Dried Distillers Grain Protein’s (DDGS): Best Source of By-Pass Protein & Energy for Animal Feed. Amino Acids are also in appropriate ratio for Best Breakdown of Protein in Ruminant / Bird body.
DiCalcium Phosphate: Used as an Excepients in Pharmaceutical & a source of Calcium in Nutritional Supplement. It is one of the most widely used materials, particularly in the Nutritional Health food Sector. It is also preferred in the Pharmaceutical Sector due to its Compaction Properties & Good Flowabality of Coarse Grade Materials. The predominant deformation Mechanism of Di Basic Calcium Phosphate Coarse Grade is Brittle Fracture & this reduces the Strain Rate Sensitivity of the material.
Technical Specifications
Ferrous sulphate  
Dried Ferrous Sulphate: Mostly used to counter Anaemia in Pregnant Women’s during their Pregnancy Periods. Also used in Patients with Low Haemoglobin Levels to remove Iron Deficiencies.
Our Product Guarantee B.P / U.S.P Specifications, Better Compaction Properties for Better Tableting, Low Bulk Density
Technical Specifications
Trace Mineral for Poultry : Our Cutting Edge Powder Mixing Technology & Better understanding of Crude Minerals make us a Prefect choice for the formulation of Trace Mineral Premix for Poultry Feed.
Technical Specifications
Rice Gluten Meal: Rice Gluten Meal is an excellent source of Plant Based Protein. Our product is used as a source of Protein for Both Human Food & Animal Feed. Our Product ensures high Quality Protein Digestibility > 80% & also ensures Controlled Levels of Bacterial Load & Aflatoxins. Our Product can be safely used at a level of 10 % in Animal Feed & Replace Soya DOC of the same amount. Due to High levels of Methionine Upto 1.6% in our product, methionine on top adding can also be reduced. Over all it’s a win-win package of Good Quality Protein source at an economical price
Technical Specifications

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